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  • Corporate Finance

    Finance consists of three interrelated areas:

    1. Money and capital markets, which deals with securities and financial institutions;
    2. Investments, which focuses on the decision made by both individual and institutional investors as they choose securities to their investment portfolios; and
    3. Financial management or “business finance” which involves decision within firms.

    We operate on the assumption that management’s primary goal is to maximize the wealth of its stockholders. Financial decision affect the value of a firm’s stock by influencing both the size of the earnings stream, or profitability, and the riskiness of the firm. Policy decisions, which are made subject to government constraints, affect both profitability and risk; these two factors jointly determine the value of the firm.

    Board of directors have the responsibility to decide the credit term under which customers may buy, how much investment the firm should carry, how much cash to keep on hand, whether to acquire other firms (merger analysis) and how much of the firm’s earning to plow back into the business versus pay out as dividends.

    CGS Center provides independent, strategic advice on finance and value creation. We work with clients on topics such as valuation, transaction support, financial analysis and modeling, and strengthening the finance function.

  • Business Planning

    A business plan is an essential roadmap for business success. This living document generally projects 3-5 years ahead and outlines the route a company intends to take to grow revenues.

    CGS Center has experience across diverse industries. As part of this service, we can assist you in preparation of:

    • Pre-Feasibility and Viability studies
    • Detailed Project Report of your Project
    • Financial Budgets and Forecast
    • Business / Company Valuations
    • Financial Analysis
  • Feasibility Analysis (Study)

    CGS Center prepares independent feasibility studies to help determine a project's viability. Our service involves the preparation of feasibility studies with regard to the establishment of a new company or adding new activity or expanding the activity of an existing company.

    Step 1: Evaluation of a project according to selected criteria

    • Evaluation of technological and system requirements
    • Evaluation of legal requirements
    • Evaluation of operational requirements
    • Evaluation of economic requirements
    • Evaluation of requirements related to the Schedule

    Step 2: Summary of evaluation results

    Step 3: Recommendations

  • M&A Advisory Services - Transaction services

    Strategic alliances are agreements between companies (partners) to reach objectives of a common interest. Alliances are among the various options which companies can use to achieve their goals; they are based on cooperation between companies. The description “strategic” limits the field to alliances that are important to the partners and have broad horizons. Strategic alliances are agreements that are important to the partners, created to achieve common interests.
  • Project Finance

    We provide Project Finance Services to small and big companies for various projects.
    CGS Center tries to add value on the;

    • Preparation of a short list of potential creditors,
    • Preparation of financial feasibility study,
    • Providing the feasibility study to the selected potential creditors,
    • Evaluating and negotiating terms and conditions of the offer,
    • Providing assistance on analyzing term sheet and credit agreement
  • Alternative Financing Structures – Structured Finance

    Globalization changed the rules of the game. There is proliferation in the number of offshore financial centers globally. Dubai and Gulf States started playing a leading role among the new financial centers. Structured (Islamic) finance is growing by an estimated 10-15% per year. Both Standard & Poor’s and UK’s Financial Services Authority recently estimated that Islamic Finance assets worldwide amount to some US$500bn.

    CGS Center;

    • Acknowledges the need of understanding the basics and governance of Islamic finance and
    • Assists companies to grasp the logic of it
    • Develops roadmaps
    Intermediates in structuring products in close cooperation with international financial institutions and helps to reach the right organizations, with eligible and credible experts.
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