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    Att. Dr. Mehmet Çağrı Bağatur- Bagatur Law Office

    Born in 1963 in Ankara, Mehmet Çağrı Bağatur has graduated from Tarsus American College in 1981. He has received his bachelor’s degree in Ankara University, Faculty of Law in 1985 and completed his doctorate in Çukurova University, Faculty of Agriculture in the field of Agricultural Economics in 1999.

    Between the years of 1997 - 1998 Bağatur Law Office was established in Adana and since then he has been working within the framework of Bağatur Law Firm in Istanbul. The areas of expertise of Mehmet Çağrı Bağatur are law (advertisement, mergers and acquisitions, hospital management), information management (Non-Governmental Organizations, sales security) and total quality management.

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    Necati Türker – GNT Tourism

    He has born in Istanbul in 1956 and graduated from METU Middle East Technical University, Department of Management (Ankara) in 1979.

    He has been certified as Nationwide Professional Tourist Guide by Ministry of Culture and Tourism in 1975. He worked in TAKSAN Machine Tools Corp. Between 1979-1983 as investment planning specialist. Between 1983-1988 he worked in OZDEMIR Construction Co. as commercial manager responsible from international projects. He established his first company in 1988 and begun to sell consulting services for tourism investments. Since then he served for the development of Belek Tourism Center (BETUYAB) and more than 35.000 beds investment around the country. He sells services about project management consultancy, design guidance, land development, project financing, equity partnership, branding, destination development and other revenue increasing investments in tourism industry. He sells services also as broker for hotels and commercial real estates. He is the founder partner and President of GNT Hotel Decoration Tourism and Project Management Ltd.Co.

    He is one of the founder member of JCI Junior Chamber International Turkey in 1987 and since 2004 presidential advisor of JCI responsible from Mediterranean and Eastern European Countries. Since 1990 he is the member of TYD Turkish Tourism Investors Association Advisory Committee. Between 1990-2000 for several years he was active in the Executive Committees of ITHA International Tourist Health Association and TSD Turkish Tourist Health Society. Since 1999 he is member of AIEST Association of Professional Tourism Experts. Since 2004 he is member in “Business in Society Commission” of ICC International Chamber of Commerce in Paris basically working about CSR Corporate Social Responsibility in the World.

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    Waheed Qaiser- Maxim Corporate Finance LLP

    Waheed Qaiser is the Vice Chairman of Maxim Corporate Finance LLP; and he is a renowned conventional and Islamic banker and he is a highly respected expert in investment banking, corporate finance and business management. Waheed has been a banking start-up professional, a business leader, a management trainer in banking and he has extensive banking turn-around experience.

    Waheed has held executive management positions in global banks such as Citibank, UBS, HSBC, Islamic Investment Banking Unit and Islamic Bank of Britain spanning over two decades. He has had a diversified career for a number of years at in senior roles around the world including Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Al-Ain (UAE), Abu Dhabi and London. His banking experience spans over areas such as: operations, branch management, risk, credit, business development, relationship management, consumer banking, private banking.

    Waheed’s other achievements include: being a founding member Bank of England working party that helped slash the double stamp duty for Islamic mortgages in the UK, a founding member of UK technical group for Islamic finance qualifications at Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments. He has co-authored a book on Islamic banking published by Euro-money. He is the founder, CEO and Chairman designate for a bank in another major European country that has now applied for a banking license.

    Waheed has had significant media exposure and appeared in a lot of the Print and TV media. Waheed has often been referred to as a champion in Islamic banking and he is highly reputed for his all rounded expertise in corporate finance, project finance, trade finance and consumer banking management.

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